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Replacing Upper Window Trim Clips. Simple & Easy

It's the little things in these golden era Hondas that make the biggest impact. The tiny clips under this trim help it become stable. Since the frameless window will start rattling over time, will potentially break the metal window guides and cause more issues in the long run.

Now let's go over the removal of the trim. It is very simple. All you will need is a screwdriver for this job. It will take you about 20 minutes or less per side.

First you will roll the window down completely. Next you will remove the side mirror. Once you have completed that. you will locate two Phillip screws.

here and here below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Remove both of these screws and try not losing them or drop them into the door panel. The screws are a specific size and shape. not to mention they are discontinued as well.

Pull up the trim in this order. it helps because number 1 arrow will be the toughest and it will get gradually easier once to go from arrow #1 to arrow #4.

The old clips are really easy to remove. You can slide them out like in this video or pull them off as well. The clips will be very easy to remove since the clips will be broken, like in these photos.

Here's a quick video of the replacement clips and the original broken clips on the other side of the trim molding.

installing the clips is very easy. they just push into position, and you're done. Just repeat the removal steps in reverse to install everything properly.

Just line everything up and snap everything into position. This step by step is also the same for the sedans as well. You can buy the clips individually and also in a complete set of 12 on the website. I hope this helps anyone with where these clips go and what they do. Thanks for spending the time and supporting.

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