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Quickly figure out why your seatbelts do not retract!

First things first. this post will not exactly diagnose everyone's Integra. But it will give you a idea of what to look for and give you easy quick tests without pulling out a multimeter or a Test light. First thing I did was to make sure the contact switch one the latch was functional on both sides. Just grab a pocket screwdriver, and poke at the switch which is directly at the top of the door latch…

Both contact switches work great. and you can even hear the audible click when I push against the trigger. Next is to make sure the motor on the actual seat is working. Quick way to check is to access the Auto seat belt control unit on the passenger side. Unplug the unit and slowly plug it back in. You should hear the Lao seat belt switch click. Here is a example of what you should hear on a perfectly normal lap belt switch.

Sadly in my case the driver side failed. So for now I will need to retract the belt so I can be safe and secure while driving it to the dealership for its Limited Lifetime belt warranty. To do this you will need to pop off the small square cover behind the seat and grab a 4mm Allen key and manually turn it back into position.

So I hope this helps a lot of you guys figure out what components failed. And what you need to do to resolve the issue. And just a little heads up. A bad door latch doesn't fall under the lifetime warranty you’ll have to find a used one online or at a wrecking yard.

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