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New suspensions options by changing the front forks!

Quick and easy way to open up a boat load of suspension options. All you need is 1994-2001 Integra front forks. They bolt right up and will give you the chance to run DC2 suspension.

But there is a small issue with running the DC2 front forks. Notice how the Da forks are a lot wider than the DC2 forks. the opening is about 10mm apart from each other. So, when steering into a full lock position you will run into the fork rubbing a little on the axle.

`In order to avoid any rubbing. I suggest grinding down the down to allow some clearance away from the axle. Using a Carbide bit , flapper wheel or any grinder of your choice.

In the photo above I was able to knock out about 3mm of clearance, without destroying the structural integrity of the fork. And if you wanted to take things a bit further. I highly recommend powder coating the forks for a nice finish and will hide all of the grinding marks.

(The color I used is called "Black Jack" from prismatic powders. A really nice satin black look & will last a long time without fading or chipping like standard paint. )

I hope this blog has been helpful. Thanks everyone for the constant love and support... Cheers!

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2 commentaires

10 juil. yes, they will fit the rear without any modification.

09 juil.

Will the dc2 coilovers work in the rear as well or just the front, once the front forks are swapped from the dc2 onto the da9?

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