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Updating Your Axles And Halfshaft!

So many people wonder why some enthusiasts change out the axles and halfshaft from a DA to a DC configuration. There’s a couple of reasons for this. One reason is to eliminate breaking axles or even the joints. Also in rare cases the Halfshaft bearing is worn out completely causing excessive shakes when accelerating. But mostly the main reason is there is just more aftermarket support for the DC configuration and easier to source parts as well. So here it is… a quick walkthrough of what I found as well as what I needed to change my old worn DA halfshaft and axles…

Rack the vehicle up on a lift and Inspected the old Halfshaft and axles. I was surprises to find the many reasons my Integra would shake terribly under acceleration down below!

the axle joint as well as the Halfshaft had a tremendous amount of play which you should never have. A tiny bit is okay, but in this case the half shaft and driver side axle was toast! So not to bore you guys, we will skip the removal of the axles & Halfshaft.

And here in the picture above you can see that the Axle lengths and halfshaft are the same length. So there will be no issues with any binding. One thing that is different is the Seal on the Transmission closest to the driver side. here’s a picture showing the differences of the inner diameter of the seals.

Decided also to spin the halfshaft to see if the bearing inside was okay. Found out quickly that the bearing was wasted!

Fast forward to installing the DC halfshaft, new axles and seals. Everything is nice and tight! Time to take it out for a spin and enjoy not having to grip my steering wheel aggressively to control the shaking. Cheers guys and thanks for taking your time to read this blog today!

here’s a photo dump of the extra photos

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