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Restoring the Temperature Face with 1 Simple Product!

Now I know 99% of 2nd gen integras run into this issue. Either the color of the temp gets rubbed off completely or the face gets all faded and scratched like this one here. Well here’s a simple trick you can try. This works on the mode door face template as well as the switches on the cluster bezel. All you need is a can of spray max 2k matte clear. Part number is 3680065 this stuff works amazing and leaves a high quality oem finish.

The only down side is once you activate the hardener it’s only good for about 2 days if kept in a cool area. So make sure you have a bunch of stuff you plan on painting that day just to make it worth while. Below I’ll post up some photos and videos of the process. I didn’t really prep the part. Just cleaned it up as best as I could and painted the part, nothing really much to it.

And this was after I let it cure for a entire day. The paint does take a very long time to cure. So be very patient. So below is the finished product and I hope this helps anyone on their build. And just want to say thnaks for checking out the blog. 🙏

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