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DIY: Easy way to bring life to your old scratched bumper lights!

Over the weekend ran into this Integra at a local Junk yard here in San Jose CA. Knowing that I can bring the bumper lights back to a much nicer condition. I decided to challenge myself and grab the pair of bumper lights covered In duct tape.

Went ahead and tore into the massive amount of duct tape and removed the bumper lights. I was extremely happy to see that they were actually in great condition.

After leaving the junk yard I took them back into the shop and gave them a quick rinse with water and soap to see what I was working with.

Oh and by the way! Here are all the products I used and a step by step on how to use them As well as a link on where to buy the kit:

1st Step: Clean your headlights with water and dawn soap. Remove all the dirt and debris from the lights.

(side note) I need to address a extra step to mine because of the tape residue. I ended up using Goo-Gone and a terry towel to remove the nasty duct tape glue off the lens.

2nd Step: Grab a towel or rag and place it into a vice. Then wedge the bumper light into the vice and make sure its secure.

3rd Step: Start off with the lowest grit, which in this case is the 800 grit disc. (if you have lots of pitting you can step down to 500 as well)

apply water and soap to the light and sand evenly accross. do not need to apply much pressure and let the tool do all of the work. Sand until the pitting is gone or as close to being gone without ruining the bumper light.

4th Step: Step up to the 1000 grit disc and continue wet sanding. once you start to see a nice clear finish. Then lastly to the last grit which is the 3000 grit. Continue sanding until you start to see a crystal clear finish each time you spray a new layer of water and soap to the lens.

(as shown on photo below)

5th Step: Grab the polisher and attach the pink pad. Then add 3-4 dime size amounts of the rubbing compound. Make sure to rub it all around the lens before starting to polish.

6th Step: Swap out the pink pad for the gray pad and add 3 dime size amounts of the machine polish.

Once you completed polishing It should look something like this…

Now just repeat the steps again for the other side and you should have a beautiful set of bumper lights just like mine.

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